Are you one of the ten people on the planet who didn’t watch Game of Thrones? If so, you might not be too interested in this blog but if you aren’t you might like to know about some of the locations used in the series.

Dubrovnik was used extensively, and the labyrinth of winding lanes and the old town were the perfect locations with several episodes being set in St. Dominika Street.

Bokar Fortress was used to represent King’s Landing and featured in series two and three. If you would like to see if for yourself, the two-storey medieval fortress is open to the public all year round.

Just 20 minutes from Dubrovnik is the beautiful Trsteno Arboretum. Once the summer residence for a local noble family, it was used in series three for the garden scenes at King’s Landing.


Split, Croatia’s second largest city was also used and the Diocletian’s Palace was the place where Daenarys trained her dragons. The palace is 1700 years old and nothing remains apart from the underground tunnels and basement rooms – they survived because they were used to store rubbish and over the centuries were filled with rubbish sent down chutes from the palace above. They were excavated in the 1950’s and are now open to the public so, f you choose to, you can explore the eerie tunnels and passages.

These are just a few of the locations used but if you were a fan of the show, then Croatia is the holiday destination for you. Happily, we have some amazing villas so the beautiful scenery doesn’t have to stop with the sightseeing.