Holiday dreams can become a reality! Founder, Karen, reflects on holidays missed.

Like most other people it has been such a long time since I had a holiday and I have been thinking about what I have missed most.

We haven’t had the best of summers here in the UK and so the warmth of the sun on my skin is almost top of the list. Eating delicious food by the ocean;  a cocktail whilst people watching in an attractive marina; browsing local markets, and investigating the unusual produce; sampling good quality and affordable local wines – there are so many things to miss.

Most of all I miss doing nothing. What could be nicer than lying by the side of your private swimming pool with only a good book to occupy your thoughts. If you are anything like me, the minute you stop and relax at home the guilt kicks in and our brains speed through the list of things we should be doing, spoiling the stolen hour.

There is something about being on holiday that makes us switch off in a way we simply can’t when we are at home. Staycations lost their appeal for me about a year ago and I am counting the days until my next villa holiday when the most pressing thing I will have to think about is which book to read next or where to eat tonight.

Many of us have become a little insular during lockdown so for me the idea of a villa is perfect. Unlike a hotel where I will have to interact with staff and even other guests, in the villa I can be as antisocial as I like as I wean myself back into real life.

I have spent hours browsing the photographs of villas on The Villa Agency website, planning and dreaming and oh – isn’t it wonderful to know that finally those dreams can become a reality!

The Villa Agency team are here to help you find your perfect paradise so just get in touch and we will take care of your holiday as if we were booking for a family member or close friend. It really does matter to us.

Karen Lippitt