I left my heart in Dubrovnik….

Yanushka and I recently returned from a familiarisation trip to Dubrovnik and – WOW – what a place!

We had an early start on Monday 4th November and arrived to a beautiful sunny day in Dubrovnik.  Our first objective was to explore the city and be tourists for the day so we dropped off our bags and seized the opportunity to ‘walk the walls’ while the sun was shining.  What an amazing experience…..

Dubrovnik Old Town is completely enclosed by around 2km of thick, stone walls, built to defend the city from foreign attacks as far back as the 9th Century.  Over time, the walls were fortified with 5 square forts and grew to completely encircle the city.  For around 200 Kuna, you can walk the entire circumference of the city, taking in the spectacular views of the terracotta roofs, interesting architecture, stunning gardens and, of course, the Adriatic Sea beyond.  We were completely mesmerised by the rugged coastline and the unique colour of the sea.  It sparkles a beautiful blue and is practically transparent to the sea bed, apparently down to the high salt content and remarkably clean waters, making it very unique indeed.  It is worth noting that there is a one-way system around the walls due to the narrow sections and potential human traffic jams – something we failed to notice as we managed to walk the entire walls in the wrong direction!









Dubrovnik has perhaps become more popular recently due to the location being used in the filming of Game of Thrones and there are many references to the show around the city.  It is very obvious why they chose to film so many of the scenes here as it honestly feels as if you have gone back in time.  There are, of course, many modern enhancements like wonderful restaurants and boutique shops but, on the whole, the history is what has the most impact as you wander around.  It is extremely magical.

Needless to say, following our city walk, we were starving and enjoyed a delicious seafood lunch at Dubravka 1836 which overlooks the Lovrjenac and Bokar Forts.  Eating out in the Old Town, or just outside the walls, can be pricey, especially when the establishments can boast such sensational views! However it is possible to find cheaper places to eat and it is worth exploring the different areas of Dubrovnik such as Gruz and Lapad where you will find many more restaurants and bars.

Many of the restaurants here specialise in seafood and there is so much choice.  There are also lots of restaurants serving Bosnian cuisine too which is definitely worth discovering.  A particular favourite of ours was the Taj Mahal where you simply have to try the Burek – a traditional flaky pastry pie filled with meat and cheese.  It was probably one of the most affordable and tastiest meals we had during our trip!

A real highlight of our first day was watching the sunset at Buža Bar.  Buza literally means ‘hole’ and this is one of the only gaps in the wall that encompasses the city.  It is not easy to find but is well worth the effort as the ‘hole’ takes you straight through the wall to a bar, cut into the cliff, with breathtakingly beautiful views of the sea.  They only sell beer and wine, no cocktails or cappuccinos, and there are no toilets so make sure you go before you venture here as, once you have your position overlooking the sea and the sun starts to set, you do not want to be anywhere else on earth!

We could go on for days about the delicious food on offer in Dubrovnik, not to mention the vast array of local wines that have become our new favourites, so when you book your trip be sure to ask us for our recommendations!

Following our day as tourists, the next few days were filled with visiting houses and we were in for such a treat as we have some real gems in our portfolio.  Look out for the next blog showing some of our favourite moments when visiting the amazing villas we feature in Dubrovnik.

We look forward to arranging your next holiday to this exquisite destination.