It’s a family affair – Karen Lippitt, Founder

When I started The Villa Agency back in 1984 the world was a very different place. Clients would telephone, or indeed write to us to request a brochure. The brochure was posted out and the client would telephone to discuss the various options. It feels like another lifetime ago.

As I got older I realised that the ever changing technology was leaving me behind and it was time to pass my baby to younger, safer hands and so in 2019 Ginnie took over the reins.

What nobody could have predicted was what was just around the corner and I simply dread to think what would have happened to The Villa Agency had Ginnie not been running things.

I want to use this blog to do something that I know many of our clients will also want to do and that is to thank Ginnie for the incredible strength, flexibility and ingenuity she has shown throughout the pandemic. She has somehow managed to negotiate the ever-changing scenarios she was presented with and at the same time has managed to keep both our villa owners and our clients happy. It is vital to balance the needs of our clients, with the needs of our owners and this can sometimes be a tricky situation to navigate, yet she has done it, with a smile and a vigour that I know I simply would have been unable to match.

The Villa Agency will always be my baby – I gave birth to it after all, so it was important to me that it went forward with the same core values it had from the start. Ginnie was absolutely the right person for the job, not least because we are the best of friends and sort of family (her son is my Godson) so I will always have an interest and will be on the side lines, helping whenever I’m needed

So Ginnie – thank you! Thank you for being a superstar. You are one in a million.

 Paddington Bear once said

“Planning a holiday — especially a holiday abroad — was much more complicated than he had imagined, and he decided the only thing to do was to consult his friend Mr. Gruber on the subject.”

Our clients don’t have Mr. Gruber but they have Ginnie, which is by far the better option!!

Karen Lippitt

Founder – The Villa Agency