One of the most amazing parts of our job is going to look at villas. Sometimes they are villas we have seen before, sometimes they are new to us and sometimes it is for quality control.

It is always particularly lovely to see the new villas for the first time. Ginnie recently went to Portugal and came back raving about Vista da Vinha, in Carvoeiro, new to us for this year. Ginnie is a fabulous cook and was really impressed by the incredibly well equipped kitchen, she said it has absolutely everything you might need. We also make a habit of bouncing on beds – nothing worse than an uncomfortable night’s sleep, especially in the heat – and Ginnie reported back that the mattresses in the villa are very good quality.

Sometimes we are offered villas that for one reason or another we decide will not be suitable for our clients.  Our philosophy is that we would rather turn a property down than have unhappy clients and, if there is anything that we think might detract from a perfect holiday, then we have to decline.  

Equally important is visiting restaurants and beaches so that we can talk confidently to our clients (it is a tough job but somebody has to do it). More than once we have been sitting in a beautiful beachside restaurant with an ice-cold glass of Vinho Verde marvelling at the fact that we are being paid to do this!

Of course, we all love Portugal but a strange thing happens whenever any of our staff go there; they fall in love with it all over again and come back so enthused that they ignite the passion in us all once again.

We have said it before, but we will say it again, we have the BEST jobs in the world.