Ibiza has a long held (and deserved) reputation as a party island; for many years the cool kids have headed to the many clubs, and Ibiza is standing room only for the opening and closing parties.

If you can drag yourself from the parties, you will discover the most beautiful scenery and some fascinating flora and fauna.

Ibiza doesn’t have many indigenous mammals, with the exception of the beautiful Ibizan Hound, or Podenco, one of the earliest known dog breeds but the island is home to many different species of birds and lizards.

The Ibizan wall lizard is a funny little creature; an adult will measure up to 7cms but they are usually smaller than that. They are fast, harmless creatures who only live on the Balearic Islands and do a good job of eating unwanted insects.

There are several species of birds including Cormorants, Little Egrets, Flamingos, Falcons and Kestrels – if you are lucky you might spot the occasional Eagle too.

The waters around Ibiza are home to all sorts of interesting creatures; sea horses, bottleneck dolphins, loggerhead turtles and flying fish. It is worth considering a diving or snorkelling trip as you are almost guaranteed to see some spectacular sights!