Stay home and dream of holidays

Many people have had to cancel or postpone holidays recently and some of you may even be at home right now when you should be relaxing on a sunbed on your well deserved villa holiday.

Things are tough for all of us at the moment but the time will come when we can have that dream holiday.  By staying at home now, we are all doing our bit to hasten the return to normality.

In the meantime, we have come up with some ideas for you to have that holiday feeling at home!


  • The days can merge into one a bit on lockdown.  Try breaking up your usual routine to make things feel different.  You could set your alarm early and watch the sunrise or stop what you are doing at sunset and pour yourself a drink to really take in the magical moment and make the most of the wonderful things we have around us every day.


  • If you have a garden you could pitch a tent for the children and enjoy the peaceful house while they camp under the stars!  If you don’t have an outside space, making camp in the living room with cushions and blankets can be great fun for the little ones.  Hot chocolate, marshmallows and a good movie watched from their ‘camp’ will make for a really memorable evening.


  • The weather is amazing right now so why not light the barbecue and cook the food you love to eat when you are away.  You could even order a bottle of wine from your favourite destination!  Whether it is Vinho Verde from Portugal, Rioja from Spain or even a coconut & mango smoothie – it all helps to create that holiday vibe.


  • Put those winter clothes way and get your summer clothes out!  I did this at the weekend and it was heavenly to see all my colourful sarongs and bikinis again!  OK, so I kept a few jumpers in the wardrobe – I do live in Britain after all!   Why not take a family selfie with your sunglasses and sun hats on and share it on social media to spread the holiday mood.  Don’t forget to tag us as we would love to see you!


  • Remember the suntan lotion you used the last time you went away? Order some and just the smell will take you back to being on holiday.  There is warm weather coming so it will get used and will remind you of your holiday at the same time.


  • You could try turning off the technology for a day.  The news alone is depressing and we all get a break from it when we are away. By having a technology free day, it is often easier to switch off and relax.  Play cards, dig out those retro board games – whatever it takes to avoid looking at your phone!


  • Get lost in a good book based in the country you love to visit like The High Mountains of Portugal by Yann Martel or The Hired Man by Aminatta Forna based in Croatia.  You might even find that you pick up some interesting facts about certain areas which could enhance your holiday experience when you finally get there.


  • Create your ultimate summer soundtrack on Spotify that you can enjoy now while you dream of holidays and will be ready to play when you are on your much anticipated villa holiday.


If you have any ideas that we can add to our list please share them!  We will get through this and we will go on holiday again.

When the time is right, we are here to help you arrange your perfect villa getaway.  Until then, stay home, stay safe.